The Momentum Enterprises team is comprised of more than 60 fitness-oriented, business savvy individuals who love what they do!  Always working as a team, they bring their real-life workout experiences to the office every day in a collaborative effort to make Momentum the best in the business.

Ryan Debin


With the creation of Momentum Enterprises, Ryan has formed an extraordinary team of fitness and wellness professionals that are aligned with his passion for helping others. Read More

Melissa Fernando

Partner / Executive Director MyGym

Melissa simply loves developing strength and confidence in children as well as adults preparing them for a healthy, fit future! Read More

Katie Flanagan

Partner / Director Studio U

About five years into her corporate career, Katie realized her true passion for fitness and wellness. Read More

Michelle Cady

Partner / Director My Gym - Medfield

Michelle Cady is committed to helping hundreds of families create a healthy, brighter future. Read More

Drea Whiting

Partner / Director My Gym - Burlington

With over ten years of My Gym experience, a background in dance, a talent for problem-solving, and a passion for working with children, Drea is a natural leader. Read More

Alexa Goldin

Partner / Training and Development My Gym

Alexa is thrilled to combine her passions for theatre arts and education in her daily endeavors of bettering the lives of children. Read More

Aylon Pesso

Director of Digital Marketing

Aylon has been a Fitness Trainer since 2013, and an entrepreneur his whole life. His passions for fitness and business come together in his work at Studio U and Momentum Enterprises. Read More

Jessica Wright

Business Operations Specialist

Passionate about communication and organization, Jessica moved from the corporate world to the fitness industry in 2013. Read More

Cooper McCue

Client Relations

Raised in a health conscious household, Cooper McCue has continued to dedicate himself to helping those around him reach their health and wellness goals. Read More

Jill Lemberg

Human Resources

As a mother to three young girls, Jill Lemberg has focused not only on a career of keeping children active while also keeping it fun, but also made it one of the main focal points in her home as well. Read More

Becca Edwards

Becca has a passion for teaching children and developing new leaders! Growing up a dancer, Becca is excited to bring her training and expertise to the momentum team. She has been with My Gym since 201 Read More